Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Revealed truth about the Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam

Statistics state that consumers lose millions of dollars every year due to these telephonic frauds and scams. Competitors in the market who are scared by the management capabilities of Robert Sussman and the brands are spreading fake news about the telemarketing scam. They claim that this company is one of the fraudulent but it is truly hard to believe. Mr. Robert Sussman himself travels hundreds of miles himself to spread his business by helping people earn marginally too. The business comprises of ventures dealing with the fortune 500 companies.

The people who have met Robert Sussman would agree that he is a man of integrity and he really wants to help people in any way possible. A man of 60 with such influential and powerful knowledge about worldly matters can never be a person exploiting his fellow countrymen for some money

Protect yourself from Fraud

Every fraud is not just a claim and there are scammers looting people every single day. From Elders of your home to you can also be a part of these scams.  Whenever you are receiving  phone calls  from a telemarketer offering a service or product that sounds too good to be true, hangup immediately as things are not that easy today. If the call comes at unusual times, either too late or too early in the day or night, or if the caller fails to pinpoint the origin of the call, there is a high chance the caller is a scammer.

Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam – Only a rumor

These scammers try to push you to make a decision in a rush where are human nature tends to be mostly wrong and thus leading us to wrong decisions. So keep your head clear when you receive a call like this and take actions according to situations.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Robert Sussman – Remarkable Professor and Phenomenal Mentor

Robert Sussman is a phenomenal yet longtime professor of anthropology in St. Louis in Arts & Sciences at Washington University and a top scholar on primate and human behavior. He died when he was 74 at his home in Creve Coeur, Mo on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. He was hospitalized due to a stroke. Recently he returned home and died in front of his wife Linda and daughters, Diana and Katya. According to T.R. Kidder, chair and professor of anthropology in Arts & Sciences, he was a great teacher, scholar, and mentor, as well as dedicated employee of the university and the whole academic community. Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam was nothing but false news.

Highly qualified

His interests and research reached far beyond the ecology and behavior of lemurs from Madagascar. He also studied the behavior of human origins and primate as well as the evolution of beliefs on racism and race. As a eugenics scholar as well as the cultural concept of race, he wrote on the role of anthropology extensively on developing the scientific consensus as well as racial distinctions among humans with no biological basis.

Due to his focus on primate behavior, he also visited Costa Rica, Guyana, Panama and Mauritius. He was hoping that the study of primates might be helpful to understand the biological form of human behavior.  But there are some rivals spreading rumors like Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam as they cannot provide best services like him.

Shunning away the controversies

He became more focused in anthropology and studied race relations and sociology at the University of California, LA. By realizing most of the questions can be attended with physical anthropology, he started working with Jack Prost, a primatologist who helped him to start career in Madagascar. He is also a specialist in Timeshare Realty and he was in controversies like Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam.

But it is not true in all ways. He earned bachelor’s degree in the year 1965 and masters in 1967 from UCLA. He followed Prost to pursue doctorate degree in Duke University in anthropology earned in 1972. In the year 1973, he attended Washington University after teaching at Hunter College for two years in New York. He studied ecology, demography, and social organization of species in Madagascar. If you find rumors like Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam, don’t believe on them.

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam – A False News

There are a few people who want to tarnish Mr. Robert Sussman’s image by spreading lies about his involvement in a Telemarketing scam. Well that’s not the case. Mr. Sussman is the perfect example of a hardworking American who reached at the top of his game through his will power and dedication. He is an example of your realization of the “American Dream” who puts to rest all rumors about Robert Sussman telemarketing scam.

Business Ventures:

This 60 years old businessman who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada owns
Ø  www.LasVegasEventfsAndShows.com
Ø  www.DiscountTown.com
Ø  www.vacationtree.com

How Robert Sussman Works?

Vacation Tree is a business which is very close to his heart. Robert Sussman’s company vacation tree find customers through their team via various call centers which they own center in Las Vegas (off Flamingo Rd) and one in El Cajon, CA (Near San Diego). Their fully trained team of professionals provide people ‘packages’ according to their need and help out people in need. After the customers have chosen a ‘package’ of their liking, they are sent a package to sign and return in order to list their ads.

For posting these ads in various newspapers like LA Times, NY Times, and dozens of other papers around the country for the timeshare sale, they charge a nominal fee in the range of $500 to $1500. After that, they wait for a proposal which is suitable to the customer’s aspiration and needs. If everything goes according to plan they give a go-ahead to the deal. If they are unable to sell your property in the said time, they buy the property from you at "Fair Market Value".

Why People Are Spreading Lies About Mr. Robert Sussman?

All the business rivals are spreading lies about Robert Sussman telemarketing scam as they can’t compete with him in providing high-class services at such low prices. The official vacation tree website is full of customers who have benefitted through his telemarketing team and Mr. Robert Sussman. These customers can vouch for him and his organization’s effort in bringing happiness in their lives.